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Zion Editor 1.1 Beta 2

Zion Editor 1.1 Beta 2 

Manage text files in your mobile phone without the help of PC!!!...Download.

An application that allows you to create text files in phone memory and memory card. If you want to create folder in your mobile through this application edit the "directoy" field,shown when you choose save or save as option. for eg: the directory field shows -"file:///e:/folderx/" you can create a folder "NEWFOLDER"in that directory by changing the field by "file:///e/folderx/NEWFOLDER/" You can specify the file name in the filename textbox,default name will be newfile. Help menu to assist you in how to use this application.

Creating array of HTML form elements

Array is a collection of similar data elements, means we can use array to store similar elements referenced under a common name.

In web development sometimes we need to group HTML form elements as arrays do. For example, you have a form where user has to select his hobbies from a group of check boxes as given below.


Sending SMS in C#.NET using GSM modem and Attention (AT) commands

Download Project Here

Hi everybody, its been a while that i have posted an article in code globe. This is my first article since code globe has moved to a website. Now lets get into our business. Lets talk about Short Message Service(SMS) and how to send a SMS in C#.NET. I have already posted a small description about this topic in http://codeglobe.blogspot.com under the C# category. This time i am trying to give a more good idea about SMS and how you can send it through C#.NET.Now lets get started

What is SMS?

The Short Message Service (SMS) is a basic service allowing the exchange of short text
messages between subscribers. The first short text message is believed to have been
transferred in 1992 over signaling channels of a European GSM network. SMS was developed as part of the GSM Phase 1 ETSI technical specifications. Work on the standardization of SMS was initiated by ETSI and is now being carried out in the scope of 3GPP activities. Note that SMS uses signalling radio channels which is different from voice channel. hence you could send messages even if you have unclear voice.

A single SMS can hold up to 160 characters. Each character is represented by 7-bit default alphabet. These characters are packed as octets for transmission, hence more clearly we say that 140 octets can embed 160 7-bit alphabets(i.e [140 x 8] / 7 =160). Confused just leave it we will make it clear later. If you are sending Arabic, Korean, or other languages that require 16-bit encoding, you will be limited to 70 characters for your message content.